A few decorating tips

Here’s hoping everyone has had a relaxing week or so off for the holidays and for those of you who haven’t I totally understand and sympathise. I had 2 days off and the rest of the time have been pulling 15-hour intense crazy days but more of that another time. Needless to say when my life gets a little calmer at the end of Feb I am looking to going away for a long weekend somewhere hot (all suggestions greatly received).  Am very easily pleased especially when suffering from exhaustion – sea and sun are my two main requirements, with possibly the odd smidge of whisky oh and good coffee (kind of easily pleased as you can see)! I am as I guess you all know pretty obsessed with interiors, I marvel at people who see their homes as purely functional, places to eat, sleep, wash etc. and give them no more thought than that. The minute my keys go through the door no matter the hour, and there have been some ludicrously late hours these last few months a squishy contentment fills me.  Depending I should say if the right lights have been left on, if they haven’t then no squishy contentment feeling for me.  It goes like this – chandelier check, bulldog lamp check, recessed overhead lights check. Very simple even the cleaner’s got the configuration down, dim the recess as dusk hits and everyone is happy! To get to the point – getting that feeling of squishy contentment that I get every time I come home is so easily achieved if you follow your heart. The image below whilst not  totally my cup of tea since the walls are a little neutral for my taste, shouts lived in and loved. The homeowner’s choices of art, furniture and stuff totally and utterly feels unique. So when buying stuff for the home forget about trends and fads, even fabulous sales (she's says having brought yesterday very high gold glitter heels for £15 in the sale, where and when I will wear them am not so sure)!  If you don’t 100 per cent love it don’t buy it. That way you will never want to get rid of anything you will just keep adding as I do. Happy Tuesday remember one day to go until Heston’s programme hits our screens, (Channel 4 8pm) I’m the other side of the country filming but am hoping I can whizz to my hotel room for 30mins to catch it.

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