All that glitters

The other day I brought some extremely high heels in gold sparkly glitter no less and I’m kind of loving them. They look if I dare tell you particularly good when partnered with pyjamas mine are big thick tartan men’s ones about 20 sizes too big which keep falling down and puddling on the floor not such a good look I realise, but I love them. When I buy new shoes I tend to wear them non-stop even if it’s late at night with pyjamas but that’s not really my point and I’m digressing as usual  (anymore info and you might just think I am a little crazy)! My point is adding anything that sparkles to a room, so precious metals like gold and silver adds instant pizazz to your interior. I’ve got gold lamp bases and flowerpots in beautifully bronze ish gold, as well as t- lights, carafes and glittery cushions. – I’m actually preferring gold to silver these days but no matter, either or, possibly even both add a luminosity and depth to an interior that you wouldn’t get otherwise. When the light starts dropping and dusk approaches just watch how it bounces and sparkles off metal objects it’s mesmerising. Tonight please remember Heston Blumenthal’s new television series How to Cook like’s Heston goes to air, 8pm Channel 4 which I designed the set for. Cannot wait for you guys to see how amazing everything looks against a dark sludgy inky backdrop know as Down Pipe. Heston looks more handsome than ever, the food is amazing and the kitchen and dining room pretty darn cool. Can I say that? Hey ho I just did. Happy Wednesday PS please excuse the lack of image, on a new computer in a hotel miles from home and I can't for reasons that fathom me understand why photoshop isn't working nor how or why I can't attach an image.

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