Talking bedrooms

Sorry about the lack of post yesterday very sick thru Sunday night with no sleep and then had a day ahead of me yesterday filming. There I was on the train up north in pajamas with sick bowl to hand looking like hell. Got back late night last had a glass of orange juice and the whole thing has just happened again all thru last night so am feeling rather sorry for myself to say the least. Enough of my moaning and groaning, I am working in my studio all day so at least I don't have to get dressed, comb my hair or talk which is  a good think. Lets talk bedrooms - I would say bedrooms are probably one of the most important rooms in the house since it’s the first thing we see when we open our eyes and the last thing we see at night (shame mine is so neglected). Its where we relax (I don’t as I hate my current one) but hopefully  you are not like me and have bedooms that are true reflections of who you really are. In my new bedroom (happening the minute filming stops) I’m having a big fireplace (obviously) a clubby old chair to read novels in when I want to escape. There are quite a few of us working from home now it’s a hive of activity Atelier HQ so I’m fancying a room with a door I can close. Also want a huge chandelier crafted from mud no less, a panelled false wall which doubles as a walk in wardrobe, bed linen from Merci and a big slubby merino wall throw. Wall lights , oodles of flowers and way hey think I might never leave. That's my current wish, that and getting a little better so I can crack on with this rather gruelling schedule. Happy Tuesday I leave you with a few bedroom shots to ponder   Crazy week for me this week but I’m planning a treatment at the Cowshed, Shoreditch house on the weekend which is keeping me going    

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