Square is the new round!

3.30 am is anyone else up? Crazy schedule which I am sure you are all bored of me saying so will shut up and be quick as my taxi arrives soon to whisk me off the station to another part of the country. Very exciting news I have been working on two new ranges (not quite ready for launching but nearly so. A scented candle range, think beautiful thick glass mouth blown containers in inky sludgy colors with phenomenal scents, and also a tableware range. I designed it in September can you believe and like anything it takes forever to get into production. I wanted all the pieces hand thrown since I hate beyond hate mass-produced crockery – going hand thrown means they can be super super thin, wonky and hand glazed to my obsessional (and beyond annoying I am sure) fussy eye. These pics came in yesterday from our artisans in South Africa and whilst I’ve got to tweak the hues a tad (bit more inky sludgy) it gives you an idea of the range. I’ve gone down the rectangular, square route since I am a little bored of round plates. When in NYC not so long ago many of me meals were served on beautiful slate rectangular or square platters. Also when sourcing all the tableware for Heston’s new show, Cooking with Heston (on this eve, Channel 4, 8pm), it made me realize how vertically everything dinner plate wise is round. Also colour palette wise I wanted to follow my vibe and so have chosen, olives, moss green, greys, deep deep blues as well as some neutrals as course. Rooms like food look better on dark backgrounds. Square is the new round you know!

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