Perfect is bland

I feel like I am some kind of traveller zooming from one end of the country to the other in a day. Yesterday was a 20-hour one; 3 hours sleep and now back on the train to Manchester. When I run for PM I think I am going to insist all cafes in all train stations serve good coffee. It’s verging on criminal the muck you get served; a good cup of coffee totally sets you up for the day and makes you (or I should say me at least) happy! No chains with inferior grains I’m talking independent coffee houses St Ali, Monmouth those sort of places. Places where you actually feel excited about going into. Enough moaning – the weekend is near thank god. Thank you also by the way for all your lovely comments on the blog and Facebook on the new collection, its those kind of comments that makes everything so worthwhile I can’t tell you enough.  Especially when days are long and some clients liken your work to that of an Indian restaurant! More on that another time lets talk unexpected twists. I’m not a fan of predictable interiors, safe maybe, comfortable and acceptable yes but who wants to live in spaces like that. I’ve probably droned on about it a thousand times but if you don’t take risks, push boundaries and experiment you don’t get the sort of interior that sends a volt through your body, that makes you want to dance, skip and sing with happiness.  Sometimes when you take risks you get it wrong but when you get it right its addictive. And anyways getting it wrong is no bad thing you learn from mistakes. There are all sorts of things you can do, cover a modern sofa in a traditional fabric like a chintz for instant to give it an edge. Upholster backs of chairs with vintage bus roll fabric  even rip the fabric off big old lamp shades, spray the frame and wham bam magic starts happening. Perfect is bland, I say don’t conform wow instead with offbeat colour combo’s unexpected twists and push boundaries. Do that and you will get to live in a home you never want to leave? Wish I could illustrate the points but I can’t get photo shop to work on the new computer so please excuse lack of visuals today  

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