Move away from the edge

I seem to have lost a bunch of my clothes last week including favourite ever pair of jeans. Filming long hours, jumping in a zillion different cars, trains etc.  and not paying as much attention as I should means regrettably I was jean less until last night when I took a trip to Liberty's. If anyone is visiting London in the next few months it’s the coolest, repeat coolest store in town. As a customer you are bedazzled you don't quite know where to look. Paths are never straight you have to plot your own course and the furniture, clothes, shoes (oh my god the shoes) are amazing! I design spaces in the same way - paths never being straight I mean. If you can walk in a straight line from one end of you room to the other, MESS IT UP IMMEDIATELY.  the reason being consciously or subconsciously your senses are activated, excited, stimulated and that is what it is all about. The best stores in the world follow this mantra, as do the best homes. I was explaining this to a client last week who said I must live in a very strange world to even think like that. Maybe I do (don't know seems pretty normal to me) but when you start analysing and figuring out what makes a good interior you will see they are all linked. Look at magazines, make lists of rooms that appeal and I bet you furniture is never just placed along the perimeter. No matter how small the space move it away from the edge. During our master classes last year I brought people up to my studio to demonstrate my point - the rooms in this house are not big, it was built in 1860 after all think standard Victorian rooms and all the furniture is brought into the room rather than lined up like soldiers along the edge. Call it making mischief but in design like in life you have to break a few rules in order to feel alive. Happy Tuesday Jonathan Adler's NY pad pretty much nails what I am talking about, coffee table slap bang in the centre  with chairs clustered around it.  

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