You can't always get what you want

So the Rolling Stone’s so fabulously sang, and no you can’t. I’ve tossed, turned and had sleepless nights about not exhibiting in Paris this time round (am purely buying). My blasted schedule has turned normal life on its head so we are a little behind in launching our two new ranges (tableware, and scented candles) but there you go. You can’t do everything and if you try to you just get sick as I am finding out. HOWEVER you can pretty much get what you want when it comes to interiors. Ignore money you don’t need oodles of cash to have a beautiful pad you just need a good eye and for starters a  can of paint. Color dear friends transforms interiors like nothing else I know taking rooms from ordinary to extraordinary Just look at this space below, photography by Mark Seelen. You know that feeling you get when you meet the right guy (or girl) heart beats a little faster, pulse rate quickens that’s the feeling I want everyone to get the moment they walk into one of my interiors.  Adding color is the first step and whilst pink may not be our cup of tea see just how beautiful and transformative it makes this interior.Once you start playing around with color (especially dark inky sludgy hues that I am obsessed with) you will be, I promise hooked. Not only hooked but seduced, tantalized and excited all from a can of paint. Bloody clever no?

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