Dare to go dark?

Dark and rainy outside, cosy and snug inside that's the thing about dark interiors they are so snuggly you never want to leave. Apart from Paris of course which is where I head for the rest of the week so no post tomorrow but back Monday. Last year I joked somewhat about converting people over to dark side, this year it’s a full on campaign - if Heston Blumenthal loves my interiors (see them on his new show How To Cook Like Heston, Channel 4 8pm Wednesday evenings) I'm thinking world domination is just around the corner! Soon everybody will be embracing the dark side (let me dream)! As we speak our website is being overhauled and rather soon there will be a section called 'dare to go dark' where you guys can post images of your pad and we can all respond, be inspired and generally chit chat as to how life changing it is. There will be prizes also for some of the best spaces - who knows before long we could have our own magazine, TV channel, 500 stores around the world (OK now I'm dreaming)! Recently I converted a pastel lover over to the dark side by painting a wall with black board paint. First of all it was only a wall so they didn't flip out  'we can paint it back' they said (which is what I generally here) - but hey ho they liked it so I if you are dabbling with the idea of converting but don't know where to start blackboard paint a wall and the doodle away. Fabulous in kitchens, halls, loos, kids rooms, offices on and on I could go. Just to prove my point check out these two images of Olaf Hajek's pad  (artist and illustrator) taken from The Selby - pretty darn cool no? Oh and don't let anyone tell you with Spring around the corner we should all be embracing light, bright, pastel shades. Nonsense to that, the contrast between a dark interior inside and a bright sunny outside is even more tantalising in Spring and Summer months, so ignore. Zoom across the road, quicken the pace, get out of ear shot and totally and utterly ignore at least that's what I do!  

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