Half the day gone already it feels like, been up since 4.30 zoomed to flower market, popped into the store, shot around the house like a crazy woman  and quickly tidied before the cleaner arrives later (I know I know little crazy) and its not even 7.30! Paris was fantastic found lots of fabulous stuff for the store (and home - whoops) and cannot wait to get it all in. I have literally no patience and hate beyond belief that I have to wait in the odd few cases until May until stuff arrives. Also planned and figured out the next few collections and eager to start on the design for that unless my batteries run out which  I am hoping they won't do! Lets talk interiors and more specifically wallpaper. I am a little fussy when it comes to wallpaper you can probably count the papers I like on one hand but even so the difference they make to an interior is quite incredible. If you want to add drama and don't have a big art collection then wallpaper is the way to go. Forget floral little flouncy numbers instead thing graphic, eclectic knock it out of the park type paper that makes you gasp with joy. These days you can get anything printed out so you can even create your own - Surface View are one source that leaps to mind not only to they have a huge library of images they also bespoke anything. The wallpaper that Kelly Wearstler designed for her LA pad has instant wow factor. Love it, hate it (I happen to love it) it knocks your socks off - and to paper such a design in a hallway genius (often the most neglected space in the house). You walk into Kelly's pad and you know from  this first glimpse of her hallway that you are in for a roller coaster of an interior - one that surprises, thrills, tantalises and makes you smile. And that is what good interiors are all about - they make you happy simple as that.

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