Animal talk

Please forgive the lack of posts this week - very long filming week and to top it all off I got back late on Thursday night fell instantly  asleep only to here the front door being kicked in and the house being burgled. It could have been much worse the guy (who the police caught an hour later) only managed to grab my bag. Thank goodness my screaming and turning the lights on instantly made him flee but pretty scary and stupid on my part for not bolting the door which I always do, but tiredness makes you complacent I guess or at least it does me. On a more positive note in Paris I found the most amazing moose's. Moose heads crafted from brush bristles (sounds odd) but believe me they are fabulous. I've ordered three for me (one in the loo, one in the hall, and one for my studio door) plus hundreds for the store.  The thing about adding animals to a space is that they immediately lighten the mood. Ceramic owls, papier mache  elephants, wooden dogs whatever you find the minute you plonk them on mantles, shelves, tables they add an immediate tongue in cheek twist and for me that is what design is all about. Formulaic perfectly co-ordinated interiors are a thing of the past, homes should be filled with happy things so the minute you come home after an 18 hour day you cast you eyes on a super tall ceramic parrot, a bulldog lamp, a wicker elephant table and your spirits are instantly lifted. Just remember to bolt the door behind you! Moose heads on walls have been done a thousand times over, except I have to say I am the hugest fan. I prefer cruelty free ones like our resin ones or the bristle ones I have just purchased - but the minute you walk through the door your spirits are instantly lifted. I'm off to the farmers market for breakfast looking a state as the burglar stole all my make up and I haven't got the energy to schlep to Selfridges for replacements  - so wooly hat and super large sunglasses are the look I am going for this morning.

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