Are you a plant snob?

Are you one? I am, or rather I was couldn't stand the thought of them in my house preferring instead flowers (faux ones at that). Until recently that is when I've had to design a few conservatories and they seemed rather appropriate. The thing about houseplants I guess is that there are rather a lot of bad ones out there. I think the key is to go super sized so they immediately add the wow factor.  Ficus are great found the hugest thing not so long ago which I had to take with me whilst over nighting in a hotel in the depths of the country and as we were dragging it through reception it sort of took the chandelier out (whoops)! Avoid if I dare say anything too tropical (same tip goes for flowers there is something about tropical flowers that I cannot stand). Ok so maybe I am a snob. Or maybe it’s the English in me - I want big blousy blooms - fatheaded beautiful flowers not tropical things they just look so ugly. Back to the case in point if you've got an empty space and want to brighten it up consider a plant with lustrous greenery. Like furniture, lighting or accessories the more you play around with scale the more interesting your place will look. Plonk them in brightly coloured pots like Mr Adler has done below and wham bam you've got a pretty snazzy combo on your hands! That's me done for the day - it’s a cold day in London, tons of coffee and a roaring fire are in order for the rest of it. Thank you by the way for all your lovely messages of support regarding the robbery. The guy has been caught which is the main thing and it could have been way worse. Although loosing all ones make up a few hours before filming was pretty darn annoying, not the best look I pulled of I have to say!

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