Decorating changes lives

A fairly bold statement I realise but stay with me for a mo. The easiest way to give your pad the wow factor is to do something with the walls. Be that wallpaper, paint, some cool tile or beautiful beautiful cladding like below. I've been in a lot of spaces recently where the neutral palette prevails and if I'm lucky I might see the odd picture (normally in my opinion way to small hung way to high). I'm guessing it’s a confidence thing, or a pain and what if it doesn't work - you know that sort of mentality. Which to a degree I understand everyone has busy lives and the easiest most liveable option is to stay pale and neutral. Yet if you take the plunge and dare to go dark or clad your walls with beautiful paper or wood there is no looking back. You will become addicted and obsessed with decorating I promise you and it will change your life! I sense a change in the air, maybe it’s the fact that Spring is just around the corner or maybe more people are just wanting something a little different.  Heston Blumenthal endorsing my work and cooking and hanging out in an inky sludgy space that I designed and being watched by millions has certainly brought a lot more attention our way. Good attention people emailing in or calling the store about paint colours, about how to add a twist to their homes. My sort of decorating (if I may be as bold to say) changes lives.  No matter how late you get home and believe me I've been pulling some long days of late the moment that key goes through the door and you walk into, for example a hallway painted deepest darkest black, a row of tongue in check art on the wall, a bulldog lamp sitting proudly on a console sprayed a high voltage hue topped off with a big bunch of blooms you feel instantly happy. This sort of decorating is all about creating the most tantalising, mesmerising background to your lives, to my life. You will have to take risks (no gain no pain) but its worth it, there is no place I would rather be in the world than here at home and that's what it is all about. Tomorrow no post from me I leave later this evening to Manchester where I will be over nighting for an early start in the morning, but back Thursday.

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