Master classes on creating a successful retail business

On the train home from Manchester last night I was reading the NY times and saddened to here that after 18 years of trading Murray Moss is closing his NY store, Moss. You would think right by the time you've clocked up 18 years plus that you are in safe terrority, that you've figured out the market, the products, the website the overall aesthetic but no. Its the hardest thing imaginable having your own business, especially a retail one and in this climate. The commitment you have to give is unbelievable that said I wouldn't have it any other way, but it saddens me, Moss   brought and showcased some incredible European brands to America. Not to sound too big headed about it but in a nutshell I knew where Moss went wrong as far back as a few years ago having visited the store I new it had a limited lifespan. Easy to say you might suggest being on the outside but actually no. Having been an independent retailer for 10 years plus I am very aware of the pitfalls which is why I am delighted to announce we are increasing our master classes to include ones on how to create a successful retail business. How to merchandise, display, buy, where to buy, market, finance, sell, everything you need to know in an instant if you are considering setting up an interiors store. We've been voted one of the coolest stores in the UK and have A lister celebs on our client base, its not fluke, its not that I've just been luckily its about hard work and being insightful all of which I am excited to impart. No details on the website just yet but I will give you guys the heads up before we launch we are desperately trying to do so before the TV programme airs in March as spaces are rather limited. Exciting hey. I leave you with one of my latest finds - due in end of March I believe, quirky, bit tongue in cheek, functional and fun is what it is all about. No post from me tomorrow I hate to say, first train out of London to Manchester and then a working weekend but back Monday  

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