Flower power

Mungo is sitting on my lap and half sprawled across my desk so typing this morning is not that easy. I've been working out of town a lot so we don't get to see each other as much as we would like so when I'm home I get followed everywhere. He is also covered in snow having never seen it before he is totally obsessed. So after a quick zoom around the garden he has plonked himself on my lap, wet, snowy, a little bit smelly  but very cuddly. In a couple of weeks we are due to receive a HUGE delivery of flowers which we will photograph and put on the website I promise. Up to this point we haven't really been able to keep up with demand, I have to order 6 months in advance, which makes it quite hard to predict quantities.  We keep the store stocked and looking fabulous but as they get sold so quickly the website can never catch up. Until now that is, having been called 'The Chanel of faux flowers' by Red Magazine and having them clustered all over Heston Blumenthal's kitchen and dining room demand has increased beyond our wildest dreams. Its funny just how transformative flowers are - and I'm not just talking fauz's I'm talking any kind. I made a quick snowy dash to Columbia road early yesterday morning and brought bundles of foliage to scent the house along with posies of other scented blooms which I scattered around my pad from the loo to the dining table. Anything foliagey lasts twice as long as freshly cut blooms which is why I am such  a fan. Whether you plonk in a jam jar or some hand thrown super sized thing the effect is just as enchanting. I'm itching to get to work in the garden, filling  pots with herbs, sniping off big blooms of lilac, getting that first scent of heady jasmine. I need a pad in the country I reckon where I can keep bees, bake, garden, potter and read. Maybe one day, today I've got two ranges to jivvy into production an apartment to design, a website to sign off, a heap of paperwork as long as my arm and two dogs to walk! Fresh or faux it really doesn't matter just add oodles and oodles of flowers to transform any room, nook or cranny from ordinary to extraordinary.

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