Chair talk

Slight crisis in the house this morning there is no milk! Easily solved you might think pop to the corner shop and wham bam sorted. Except it’s not that easy. I am obsessed with a few things, interiors, coffee, paint, gardening, jazz, and shoes and that is really it. The milk for our coffee isn't standard milk I get it from Leila's in Shoreditch (fab fab place to eat) and as barmy as you may think I am you can tell when the cows first go out to grass feed from the winter as the milk doesn't froth quite so much. Its organic creamy amazing in a word and because I was out of town so much last week forget to get any. I have 3.5 hours to wait until Leila's opens - longest wait ever I can tell you! Next problem I am on the hunt for chairs for a client. I have a restricted budget for this one and I've surfed eBay, preloved you name it but can't find anything I like. They need to be clubby and relaxing for music and TV watching. If you guys happen to know of any cool sources please let me know - they don't have to be vintage.A combination of no coffee and no chairs is I can tell you is disastrous! I also have to admit that I find chairs the hardest thing to source - easy peasy with big budgets but when its tight and you are on deadline its tough.I came across these beauties, which I think side tracked me because everything else I'm seeing doesn't look quite so good. I shall continue my quest I have given myself until mid day today to nail it!

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