How to create a cool quirky room

Thank you for your patience. Feel much better now I've popped some vitamins, downed a quart of orange juice, run, showered, coffee'd that sort of thing. I am asked a zillion times how to create a cool quirky home and my answer is always the same. Add,  repeat add oodles of texture and pattern do that and you not only elevate the senses you add instant kudos to your space. Roughly hewn wood covering walls, some fab patterned paper, cool rugs skimming the the floor, tons of textiles draped slung or thrown everywhere its all about adding layers. The more layers you add the more interest you create its as simple and easy peasy as that. The more you mix up the styles the cooler and quirkier a space becomes. For example here in my studio I have skimming the floor a woollen zebra rug and a rag rug from Morocco. They shouldn't really hang out together and yet they've all become such good friends it somehow totally and utterly works. The same goes for walls, I’ve got two gold pineapples with candles plonked in the middle of two alcoves with poodle lamps sitting on ostrich tables below? Crazy? NO interesting, quirky, different. The poodles are shiny shiny glazed earthenware the pineapples are gold, matt metal. The more risks you take the more interesting your space will become.   Want your space to look even cooler? Paint it dark its life changing!

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