Don't conform

Everyone but everyone is working the clean lined neutral look from designers, to architects, to the Jones's down the road. I am so bored of that look I genuinely want to push boundaries; in the very same way that Heston Blumenthal pushes boundaries with food I want to do the same thing with interiors. I want to wow with off beat colour combos, elevate the spirits by adding some tongue in cheek flair and mixing everything up. I want to mess up perfectly co-ordinated rooms, stomp out of stores, cafes and restaurants who have played it safe or been lazy with design decisions. Letting your home, restaurant, store, bakery go is the equivalent of middle age spread I reckon. Tough words you may say but I've just opened yet another magazine I subscribe to and all the homes, restaurants, hotels featured all subscribe to the beige haze look. Every single one - nothing is edgy, nothing pushes boundaries, and nothing flirts with going over the top. Hence the tough words, surely a mix of styles would be nice in such publications. I get that my kind of style is niche but I really thought we were moving away in interiors at least with conforming. BUT yet the last few magazines are full of Scandinavian white features or clean lined minimal pads. I guess spring is round the corner and that’s the look that shouts new season. It doesn't do it for me eclectic is the name of my game and its a style I shall stick to even though sometimes I feel a bit like a teeny tiny boat in an enormous ocean. I shouldn’t grumble I should get off my backside and launch my own magazine - if only I had time hey! Second best thing – make coffee. And get back to work

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