Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day indeed. Hope you guys get oodles of flowers, coffee in bed, lovely supper, champagne that sort of thing. No such luck for me, later this afternoon I leave for Liverpool to spend the night in a hotel with a film crew as we have an early day filming tomorrow (so no post from me tomorrow). I can't complain because they are a lovely bunch of guys. Plus I'm going to use the train journey to actually book a weekend away somewhere warm when all this ends. At the moment its a toss up between LA and Marrakech. I've been to both before and although LA is further I kind of need an ocean and a bit of peace rather than a beautiful crazy city like Marrakech I think! Except I know I will start thinking for the cost of the trip to LA I could buy that chandelier I have  been desperate for and just run to the Cowshed, have a facial, stick my head under a bright light to compensate for sun and jump in the pool and pretend its the ocean. Dilemmas dilemmas. So today is a good day, not just because it’s Valentines but also because spring is certainly in the air and it’s just like starting over again. My top tip for indoors and outdoors if you want a magical vibe is to play around with scale big time. Lets go outside for a moment  (and Petersham nurseries do this brilliantly) don't buy teeny tiny pots buy supersized ones. If they are too expensive then plant in apple crates, galvanised bins anything that plays around with scale. Indoors as I've mentioned a thousand times - add a super sized mirror, a lamp, a piece of art anything that is slightly too big for the space you are putting it then stand back and saviour the experience. Its incredible I promise you and such an easy peasy trick. Friends and family will gasp, love and immediately copy. Trust me Plop a supersized ship chandelier onto a ceiling a la Mr Adler and you instantly up your style ratings! Below is the one I am coveting (the largest one of course) made from clay from African soils and rolled into beads. I could of course pinch the one out of the store but that wouldn't be professional. LA or a chandelier tough call hey! The sun on my skin a dip in the ocean or a chandelier for life. God dam I want both and I want both NOW

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