Olatz Schnabel's house

This week I am on a mission, firstly to get to the gym at least 4 times and secondly to eat healthy. It's been a whirlwind these last few months of cabs collecting me in the small hours taking me to stations all over London and then zooming out of the city for very long days. Fundamentally this means I have eaten rubbish for ages, skipped means, munched cheese sandwiches on last trains out and it’s taken its toll. I need a big dose of energy so in ten minutes from now I'm off the gym for a workout (maybe also a swim) and then home to coffee and a smoothie (yoghurt, blueberries, raspberries) that’s the plan. I was looking at Olatz Schnabel's house the other day in T magazine and it’s quite an interesting space. Not very New York ish more Parisian and quite casual in feel. Her kitchen feels instantly warm and welcoming and although I would never dare to use such a bright colour on the walls it totally works. I flit continually between a rustic vibe and something way more glam. Fundamentally I think I veer towards glam more than rustic but then I'm just about to order a 10 foot old vegetable counter for the kitchen that looks like its been taken from the oldest grocery store in Paris so who knows. I have to say (sorry Olatz) the living room is not such a success. Customising columns to turn them into lamps doesn't work or at least they might if the lampshades were supersized,  these just make no sense. Plus the whole space needs messing up a little its way too perfect. However if you want to gasp, get your pulse racing and jump for joy check out the garden. I want, I really want that tree.

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