How to Decorate Abigail Style

Mungo isn’t a schnauzer!! Shock horror apparently he has been masquerading as one but it seems he is a fake. Maud to her credit had mentioned this when we first picked him up but I put it down to jealously. Now other proper schnauzers have rumbled him in London Fields no less. Not that Mung’s cares he just wants to chase balls but yesterday we were told quite succinctly that NO he is certainly not a schnauzer. What to do – I don’t particularly mind what I mind is the snobbery attached. The same way I hate beyond hate the snobbery attached to interiors. Its funny how certain people want to conform (have the perfect dog, car, home) and others of us want to jump, skip and sling every teeny tiny conformist thing out. I have a car that won’t go above 30 miles an hour cyclists overtake us, a house that shouts eclectic with rooms still unfinished, hair that cannot be tamed no matter how much hair product goes into it and a mini schnauzer who is a bit of a hodge podge. Some people follow the Jones, think beige haze, furniture against walls, 2 possibly 3 lights in any one space. Others of us move furniture into the center of the room at the fastest rate possible, litter a space with lights 7 plus in the smallest of rooms, and god forbid paint rooms dark! Throw in some texture, pattern, ramp up the scale and wham bam you will have a pretty cool interior on your hands. Sounds like I’m talking myself out of job when I really want to say before we re-launch the website (early March) and before the TV series is out prime time no less (mid March) we’ve giving you guys a heads up on dates of the new school. Some dates are fully booked, other dates have limited spaces (word gets around we’ve got people flying in from all over) but as it stands these are the dates. I will try and add more days as the year progresses but with my crazy schedule this is it for now. How to Decorate Abigail style is all about breaking rules and creating new ones. With a twist from the norm I will share insider knowledge, decorating secretes, tips and tricks that will enable you to create seductively stylish spaces over flowing with personality. Classes run for one day (10-4) including a catered lunch and are priced at £150.Oh and you have to like dogs as Maud and Mung’s will be present. You can call  or email the store to book a place +44 207 354 8181, or buy on line Dates as followings April 27/28  - fully booked May 25/26  - limited spaces June 29/30  - limited spaces July 20/21  - limited spaces September 28/29 – limited spaces October 26/27 – limited spaces   Happy Wednesday

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