Spring has arrived in London, sunny, warm and beautiful. I adore this time of year, pottering around the garden looking at plants budding - asking a few that haven't started yet to hurry on up, heavenly! I have two apologises to make firstly for the lack of posting yesterday it was a 4am wake up, and secondly for anyone who came into the store yesterday and saw me looking a mess, un brushed hair, pyjamas under coat. I was kind of imagining we would leave before it opened but a truckload of new flowers arrived and we got lost in the beauty of them all so that we were forever re-arranging. Also a big apology to the lovely lady who brought a whole host of things and who I tried to persuade not to buy! It’s a problem I am dealing with (promise) I have to come to terms with the fact that I don't own a museum (shame) but a store and we sell things. Its a good thing I no longer work in the store in the early days when I was manning it I literally couldn't stand to part with anything. I would be like 'are you sure', or 'do you want to think about it for a month or two'!! Nuts I know and yes it drives everyone crazy (beyond crazy if I am honest) its just, how to explain, so much thought and work goes into finding every single one of those products and then they've been styled in the most (repeat the most) perfect position and they look so beautiful that I can't stand to part with them which is why I am banned from the store during customer hours! I will seek help I promise. Tomorrow morning I'm in super early to get out our new super-sized silver pig moneyboxes, pineapple candelabra’s, and box art.  I've had to promise I will be out by 9am so no cross over with anyone. Lets talk accessories, or finishing touches, the 5-minute face-lifts basically of the decorating world. You may have a beautiful pad but its not until you start adding stuff that rooms really transform themselves into something magical. I'm talking art, candles, flowers, books, and ornaments. The more layers you create the more mesmerising a space you will have on your hands. Check out Nikki Tibbles bedroom below - full to the brim with stuff but not overloaded in my mind. The minute you walk through the door you don't quite know where to look your senses are stimulated and intrigued and that my friends is the sign of a perfect interior. Happy weekend.    

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