Sneak Peaks

Its a morning of sneak peaks here today, which is very exciting. First up Mungo and Maud (they've actually just gone off to school) so there is a bit of peace in the house. Thank goodness! They  were crazy this weekend not sure if they had spring fever or whether it was the pong of the organic compost that got them going, digging, racing around, eating the hose, jumping on the cashmere mohair sofa covered in mud, nuts, nuts nuts. Secondly a few flower  pics a  rather sweet little image I took of a stem of one of our new flowers and a corner of our flower store.  You will all be pleased to here that this weekend we did a ton of photography and photographed ALL the new blooms which we will put  online in the next few days.  We have never sold as many flowers ever as this weekend. Not sure what was going on but the guys kept calling saying we need more flowers!! Amazing thank you to all who brought we now have our flowers in the British Embassy in the Vatican and a winery in California. AMAZING. This is just a corner of the green and white section, blossom, hydrangeas, gelda, peonies all looking jaw droppingly  beautiful. I pinched a little stem of the purple hydrangea and popped it in our downstairs loo along with some blossom. Last night I pottered in there for hours admiring the new blooms, a little crazy but nothing makes me happier than pottering and arranging flowers even if its in the smallest loo on earth. Also our new box art arrived hot in from the States (as seen below) so the store if I can say so looks beautiful right now. In the next few weeks we have tons of moose heads arriving, wooden vessels huge huge things crafted from old tree bark, furniture and giant cactus arriving. Love this life! xx Box art from as little as £12.50 looks fabulous on our in store art wall.  

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