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I brought a new recipe book on the weekend called The Kitchen Revolution. The idea to cook one big meal on the weekend, use left overs for another dish or two and then for the rest of the week quick fresh seasonal dishes that take no time whatsoever. So this week its partridge with mushrooms, mash and greens, celaric and mushroom bake, Thai fishcakes, veg tagine, bubble and squeak AND I’m boring you. How is any of this linked to interiors you ask, well the same way that cooking can change the way we eat interiors can change the way we live. If you walk into a home that makes your heart beat a little bit faster, or gives you that squishy feeling of contentment you get once you’ve downed a couple of whisky’s then I think that’s pretty life changing as it totally changes the way you feel not just about the space but about yourself. My space for instance energises me, relaxes me, comforts me and whats more I want to spend time in each and every room all day. I might be working in my studio but then I go and grab a coffee downstairs and that looks so cool  I want to work there for a bit, but wait the den looks snuggly and squishy so if I  work from the sofa i can peek into the garden which is beautiful BUT THEN what about upstairs - do you see where I am going? Nuts? Yes OK maybe I am a little nuts but in all seriousness the only limit to having a totally amazing interior is your imagination. Its not about having the latest this or that for me at least it isn’t have you seen my car? Its about having a home that grounds me, inspires me that envelopes me with security so no matter how tough the day its cheers me up when I walk through the door. A few tips, start by prioritizing comfort that way you or your guests will never want to leave. Big squishy armchairs, beautiful rugs skimming floors, oodles of cushions stuff that you fancy. It might not be on trend who cares,  it might not be in the latest glossy so what, buy what you love. Comfort is key with sofas and chairs, goodness knows I’ve plumped for style over comfort before only to spend vast amounts of time on the floor. Buy better if you can especially when it comes to sofas because they will last. I've had my George Smith for over 10 years and its just as comfortable as ever. I've also nabbed some fabulous chesterfields at auction houses, some 70's chairs at flea markets and the odd find from eBay. From experience I would say when it comes to buying furniture sit in it no matter how cool it looks on anyone's website. Comfort is key and only buy what you love. As our latest box art says hot in from the US ‘ “All you need is Love”. Leather sofa's last a lifetime and get better with age. Maud and I having a snuggle on my George Smith sofa - so comfy you could sleep all night on it.       Photography Gaelle Le Boulicaut

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