Throw out the rule book

It’s a morning of thank yous to start with. Firstly a big huge thank you for all the orders on line of the new flower collection,  we are overwhelmed and getting low on stock already, UNBELIEVALBE! Also not sure what quite happened over night but a lot of on line orders for the classes which means that April and May have completely sold out. Thank you guys very much really look forward to meeting you. I just need my builders to crank into gear as we are converting one of the rooms upstairs into a schoolroom, which is so exciting. Just going through the itinerary as we speak, there will be some tests (don’t panic they are fun ones) and I will drone on about converting everyone across to the dark side but to counteract a glass of champagne at the end of the day with home baked treats by Violets my favourite bakery! Ok lets talk interiors or rather lets talk breaking rules, something I will teach in the classes a lot. If you throw out the rulebook, dare to be different you can create a truly different space. Some tips: Don't be afraid of the dark - going dark isn’t scary I promise, its warm, its sexy its sophisticated and looks as beautiful in summer as it does in winter. A simple simple little test,  paint the mullions of your windows black and the frames themselves if you dare and check out just how beautiful it looks no matter the colour of your walls it will frame the outside space amazingly. New Yorkers do this a lot also you see it in Amsterdam, love it! Make wild statements - play with scale, add some bling, something that positively sings out. Super sized lamps, a sparkly candelabra, a metallic huge star cushion, it will give your room extra dimension. Am I making sense? Don't compromise - a tall order I know but it’s so easy to just give up because something isn't easy or possible. Take my flat roof for example where I want to house a wild garden for bees and a chair for me to watch the sun go down. It means bashing out a window and turning it into a door, heaving a whole host of stuff up two floors not to mention making the space safe. It’s a hassle I have to get planning involved (maybe), talk to the neighbour’s (possibly)la la la.   It’s a right old pain but you know what I'm doing it. I'm doing it for the bees (and me obviously) I watched a lovely video yesterday of a beekeeper on the blog design sponge in Brooklyn, which has made me more determined than ever. That’s me done there is a ton more tips to share but you have to come to the classes, can't give away all my secrets can I! Something sparkly something large it ups the style ratings. Now I know this wall is white (we shall have to forgive that) but  how fun is this idea, especially for a transitional area such as a hallway. Happy weekend - swimming, pottering and clearing out a room are on my agenda as the builders have promised within a week they will be on site. Sometimes you just have to scream a bit to get things done!

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