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I touched briefly upon this on the weekend but feel I should mention it again as its gaining momentum and being picked up in the blogging world, most recently on interiors Jane Frosh is a Sydney based stylist who has started a campaign to fund a trip to London to one of my master classes. Jane isn't asking for hand-outs she will repay contributions with design work, styling, story boarding etc, read more about it and visit the campaign here.  Good luck Jane I will see you in September I am certain of that! Came home last night and the builders have started on the new master bedroom with aplomb some images below. WARNING do not freak,  I did believe it or not have a room like this for literally 10 years plus, a junk room of the worst kind. Where windows hadn't ever been plastered up and the wind would howl through and where we never ventured. When we first moved in I thought it would make a good bathroom/ dressing room why I am not sure because I realised once the shower and all the plumbing had been put in that it was way too big and it should be the master bedroom. So the bathroom got relocated and this became the junk room. I will keep you updated with progress luckily for the boys I am here a bit today so no long tea breaks  we have work to be done, need it finished by the weekend! I'm digressing because I really wanted to talk about yellow this morning. I'm painting the new bedroom my latest favourite colour, bulrush by Sanderson (a buttery soft brown that you can dive into a splash around in) and thought coupled with yellow it would be a magical combination. Yellow coupled with any colour I have to say is beautiful. Often times neglected, not sure why   if you add a dash to any space it will bring immediate zing. I've got old garden French chairs in zingy yellow, the inside of a pendant hand painted in yellow, vessels filled to the brim with yellow blossom and tumbling anne lace garland. Cushions, vases, tables, lights, flowers real of faux in yellow add a big dash of drama to lighten even the gloomiest of spring days. These amazing flowers below are from Saipua in NY. If I were very rich, forget the air miles and being green (I would counteract that by not eating meat, cycling everywhere and growing all my own food) I would get weekly bouquets sent over to London from this very talented florist, beautiful with my faux's I'm thinking.

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