A Test

I'm on deadline a silly self imposed deadline. I have to write this blog in ten mins and then get into the outside pool by 7 (ugg). Its cold out there not bikini weather in any shape or form but that's not deterring me. People swim in Hyde Park all year round surely I can jump into a semi heated pool and swim 20 lengths right? So we've got to get down to business pretty quickly this morning no yabbering or digressing my end. Today I am on a mission for everyone (me included) to create more little intimate cozy zones within a room. Like this for example: Little conversational areas in unexpected places say a corner of a bedroom, a nook in the dining room - some space in the kitchen. An area where there's no TV (they restrict where we place furniture to much) just books, papers a comfy chair some music a place where you can hang out. It doesn't need to cost the earth some flea market furniture an upturned apple crate as a coffee table with a small bunch of blooms on. The more layers you can create in a room (as I bang on about all the time) the more interesting a space becomes. A TEST if you can walk from one end of your room to the other in a straight line then may I suggest you add some layers. A space is never interesting if you can take it all in immediately you need to plonk and shove things in the middle. We want our homes to look and feel like a forest (stay with me) paths are never straight so you have to meander around a bit and set your own course. In so doing senses immediately become activated and engaged and  consciously or subconsciously  your excited and stimulated. Done I'm off for a swim, late by 5 minutes by hey that's life

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