Sneak Peaks

Love Fridays, with the thought of the weekend just around the corner  (auction houses and garden centres are planned for us) its a feel good day. The kids are off to school, doesn't usually happen on a Friday but builders, dust, the constant opening of the front door and me freaking out that they will escape is way to stressful. I'm outta here for the day I think I am stressing the boys out with 'aren't we done yet' plus I can't work with blaring music and a ton of noise so we're off to pay for the wood for the bedroom and then a super quick zoom into town.  Its quick because school finishes at 3.30 and rather than having them dropped off, like all the other dogs I pick them up at the gates and we wander back through the park yabbering about our day. Enough of my strange little habits, I'm excited to show you some sneak peaks of the new collection, going live I am going to say by Wednesday of next week (sorry web boys to put you on the spot) but Wednesday it is!! So lighting, I’m obsessed as you all know as it’s so fundamentally important to a space. It adds atmosphere, drama and intrigue and the more lighting you have in a room the better. Don't bother with low energy bulbs I would personally rather sit in the dark which no doubt I will be doing unless they solve the problem of the hideous light they emit. Oh and before anyone bangs on about how un green that is, seriously I counteract it by eating relatively little meat, cycling most places, buying food from farmers markets locally sourced and recycling. OK? Back to lighting and one more tip, please don't eliminate shadows in a room they are so important as they add depth, too much light  you will feel you're hanging out in a doctors waiting room, never a good feeling, no we want cosy, intimate little pools of fabulousness, So without further ado a few table lights due in shortly in beautiful burnt orange and black,  and another cool number in red. Love them, ordered them for the new bedroom (as well as the store of course) they make me instantly happy. Its what decorating is all about no? Ta Da pretty darn cool hey, they retail at £275 and these beauties below £249, can't decide between the orange or the black for the bedroom so I had to order both just in case. Happy weekend oh and big kiss to the girls for a lovely evening last night, and to Russ, Gem and Lil's your apartment looks AMAZING xxx    

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