Table talk

Yesterday was a long one spent in store, a ton of new products had arrived so a change around was in order. Stupidly I forgot to take the camera but I will do so later in the week although having said that in another two weeks time its all changing again as a 10foot, yep 10foot vegetable amazing rack like piece of furniture is arriving along with more flowers,moose heads and beautiful beautiful vessels. Plus more art, lighting and cushions - its crazy this spring with new products but I’m a happy happy girl. Lets talk tables, like anything else in your interior the type of table you choose says a lot about your personality. Glass, metal, mahogany, rustic old wood it doesn't really matter. Coffee tables, occasional tables, side, dining or console tables again it doesn't really matter what does matter though is the shape. This is where I encourage you big time (big big time) to plump for tables that are circular or oval. The thing about adding curves to a room and it doesn't just have to be tables by the way is that they immediately counteract the linear feeling you get in square/rectangular rooms. I went somewhere recently,  (naming no names) where all the furniture was shoved against the wall and I had the phenomenal urge to find some big black balls and start bowling and I HATE bowling. So top tip for today, introduce as many circular items as you can to a room.  Circles break up monotony big time not only that with no round edges or straight lines you get that immediate feeling of unity when you walk into a room. Simple no? Two images below to illustrate my point Oh and before I forget I might be in NY this summer and if so am thinking of holding a few master classes do let me know if you would be interested in attending. Happy Tuesday

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