Self Portrait

It appears we have a shortage of water so from April 5th hosepipes are banned and we are all being encouraged to share baths, not to leave the tap running whilst brushing teeth and not to wash the car. I can deal with not washing the car and I don't leave the tap running whilst brushing teeth but the thought of spending 3 hours watering the garden with a watering can is a right old nightmare OR putting Maud and Mung's in a bath together. Maud hates baths and will positively hate sharing one with her brother (she takes after me, not a good bath sharer) so there's a problem. Mungo on the other hand will share a bath, bed, and food with anyone, he is a boy after all! Problems problems and I thought we lived in a rainy country apparently not, Australia I read gets way more rain. Crazy! Anyway my plan to water the hell out of the garden until April 5 and for us all to have baths for hours on end so when it comes  to April 5 we will have I would say at least 3 weeks grace!! Anyway we are here for interiors right not water problems of which I could drone on for hours. As I mention regularly the more risks you take when it comes to decorating the more amazing your place will look. Rough timber boards picked up at any reclamation joint cladding kitchen units for example (as soon below) really nail what I am talking about. Its called thinking outside of the box. Sourcing bronze taps as opposed to the standard chrome or stainless for bathrooms, kitchens and loos is another cool idea. I picked up the cheapest tap for my little downstairs loo from a DIY store (B&Q in fact its gold OK not real gold but its so much softer than silver). Jenna Lyon's old bathroom looks beyond amazing with bronze taps, and coupled with those dark walls is heavenly. Tripple Gold Star! Easy peasy stuff hey, I will leave you with a quote from who knows where but I’ve scrawled it across my diary and it’s a bloody good one: 'A house is a self-portrait, it has to reflect its inhabitants and they way they live'. Amen to that

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