The weekend didn't quite happen as planned as sanding the floor and striping paint off skirting boards took way longer than my original time plan, think I had given both jobs 2 hours when in fact they took 2 days! Everyone including the builders warned this part would take longer that I had thought, but I have a tendency not to listen to advice (not good I know). Anyways the bulk is now done thank goodness and we can get on to the fun stuff like painting and sourcing things to go in it. Now I know lots of people are scared about colour so I wanted to show you a pad in Buenos Aires that uses mostly an earthly palette and then takes the whole interior to another level by adding a single shot of colour. I'm thinking of sticking to a pretty earthly palette for my new bedroom and restricting my usual mix of colours to just the odd splash of bright,  pretty similar to the space below. Maybe a rug, a chair, or a throw not so sure yet but I want this space to feel calm and relaxed unlike the other spaces in my house which feel inspiring and invigorating.  However in every room, even limited palette ones you always need a piece to throw the space off radar and knock it out of the park. That might be a chair in a high voltage hue, an odd looking coffee table, a cool vase something that makes you double take, otherwise the whole room becomes way to boring. What we want is neighbours, friends, the Jones's down the road to be talking about our rooms to be so inspired by our rooms that they try something similar themselves. Right then image below of the house I have been yabbering about and could immediately move into and of course the beautiful red chair which takes the space to another level. I'm off for a swim its a beautiful morning in London, but before I go a quick pic of Mung's who on a school day should be breakfasted, showered and waiting at the door for the bus but instead is so snoozed on my pillow right now that he  won't get up. He never gets to sleep at the top of the bed as Queen Maud won't let him. She sleeps on the pillow next me, Mungs has to sleep half way down the bed but  but the minute she is out the door and her back is turned up he sneaks!

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