Competition Time

Competition time!! I was thinking it would be great to give away a master class  - its a pretty easy competition all you have to do is write why you want to come along, I shall select the best answer and announce the winner tomorrow pm. Competition ends noon tomorrow. Let me give you a little insight into what we will be covering.  We shall  start with my top 15 rule breakers that will take your home to a whole other level, followed by a 'be brave' section so interesting combos on layouts, colour and lighting. Then there is a house tour, lunch of course (hopefully in the garden if the weather holds). More stuff on things to make your home feel great, a mini challenge (don't freak its fun), instant updates and finally design on a shoestring. Rounded off with cakes from Violet and a glass of champers. Interested? If so let me know why (oh and you can also enter via facebook)

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