How not to decorate

Wow guys amazing responses thank you. I honestly don't know how I'm going to choose it’s an impossible task. The competition ends at 12 so at noon I will sit down in the garden with a coffee and try and figure out a winner. Wish I could let everyone win its a tough one. So lets talk interiors, I believe every room needs a dash of glam, a dollop of boho a mish mash of styles if you will, whether your decorating a palazzo or an apartment the same principles apply. That is of course to make your space feel well travelled, eclectic, tantalising and memorable. I have no time for the perfect home, that kind of unattainable look where every room has been decorated just so, with nothing out of place. Style to me should be easy going and carefree, a little messed up.  I want my clients, friends and family to feel that the moment they walk thru the door they are immediately at ease, uplifted and excited. Otherwise what the hell is the point? Two images below illustrate how not to design. All the money in the world doesn't get you a cool interior! The individual pieces are beautiful, the paint colour is beautiful and yet this living space feels  static and  uptight. You don't feel at ease the minute you walk through the door. It needs stuff, stuff like books, candles, flowers, stuff,  something to knock it off kilter its way to tasteful Again uptight. The best interiors to me are those imbued with the sensibility and personality of their owners, this looks like a designer has come in followed the usual blueprint, produced a very tasteful space but it lacks spirit. So there you go, you can have all the money in the world, only trouble is style has got nothing to do with it.    

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