Colour inspiration

People often ask where I get my colour inspiration from and more than anything else I would probably say it’s through travel. From trips to Morocco, to a weekend in Paris to a quick zip over to NY travel inspires. Buildings, big huge skies, billboards, graffiti on a wall, when you open your eyes the possibilities are indeed endless. Obviously I am a lover of deep inky hues but it’s those colours that feed off of them, that pop out and zing that I am constantly on the look out for. Sometimes I get if wrong this weekend in fact prime example. Our new bedroom is painted out in London Clay (F&B) floors, walls and ceilings. For those of you not familiar with the hue its taupeish its pinkish and its a bit plumish all rolled into one. I thought a beautiful red tribal rug would look fab on the floor to bring in a shot of colour. WRONG. OK so maybe a burnt orange rug I picked up from Anthropologie not so long ago. WRONG. Its too strong its needs a soft earthy hued rug not a vibrant singing and dancing one. Sounds odd but seeing how London Clay is literally the colour of our soil here in London out I went into the garden and started noting all the colours of nature and how beautiful they looked with the earth. The lilac  just beginning to blossom (intense purple) beautiful, cherry blossom also beautiful against London Clay, lavender again lovely, white roses beautiful. So there in a nutshell is my palette sometimes you don't need to travel that far inspiration is literally on the doorstep. The city of New York below inspires in so many ways - colour inspiration being one (photography Andrea Ferrari). Yellow cabs/ dark grey roads - beautiful. Crazy busy day today - have to hit the outdoor pool before anything else, its barely light and freezing and would much rather bit sitting at my studio sipping coffee, but gotta get into shape one way or another. Have a good Monday x

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