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Today is a scary day, at the back of our garden is a Jehovah Witness building of which they are revamping. The revamp includes cutting away all boundary wall foliage and putting up a 6-foot fence. Bearing in mind that the foliage at the back of our garden includes the oldest, most beautiful wisteria that is 25feet high ( I sit under it in the summer eating breakfast) plus a ton of ivy I fear trouble a head.  I don't want to see my neighbours opposite (sorry neighbours) its like we have a walled garden here, its so private you feel like you are in a secret little secure world and I adore it. My plan A, first talk nicely to builders and try try try to persuade them not to cut down the whole lot as they have done opposite. I kind of tried that not so long ago and I ended up threatening to shoot all of them from my roof top (not good). If that fails, Mungo, Maud and I are chaining ourselves to the fence and I do not care if they call the police. Graham being the practical sensible one who won't scream, cry, stamp or shoot anyone has suggested I walk the kids along the canal and breakfast at the Tow Path. Heavenly except I know his plan - get her out of the house otherwise trouble will ensue! Enough about my problems lets talk interiors oh and if there is no post tomorrow I am probably in jail! I was looking on line at Real Living Magazine recently (a lovely Australian glossy) and came across this Brisbane cottage which struck a cord. Its small and yet its gone dark yay hay, its in a hot hot country and still its gone dark  (double yay hay) and more importantly you don't even register its small as its been beautifully designed. I adore small spaces, I love the intimacy and cosiness of them and if you accessorise as these guys have done with fab colours and cool art then no one, repeat no one will even clock how small the space is.   I'm always on the hunt for art in my pad and need the hugest piece to go on my bedroom wall - if anyone has any ideas please let me know.  Back to the cottage - you don't quite know where to look when you first see the space as the eye is drawn to both the art and  the rug and although there is alot going on it doesn't scream crazy as the colour palette is restricted. Again a beautiful palette of hues, simple yet totally effective. I am the biggest fan of turning nooks and disused areas into functioning spaces - under stairs, in hallways anywhere there is a space I will shove a little table and plonk something on it. Take my landing I have a little rug, a yellow chair a painting  so it doesn't feel empty, every area has something.This nook under the stairs is a totally cool home office. Happy Wednesday, wish me luck!!  

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