Finding inspiration

Forgive the lack of posts recently its been a little crazy to say the least. We still have no back garden wall although ten 3-meter jasmines arrive to day, yay hay to that. Not enough but it will plug a bit of a hole.  We still haven’t finished decorating but the master bedroom is nearly there. I need so much stuff to make my interiors pulse with style its unbelievable. I've pinched from other rooms; lamps, art, rugs and still I need more. Never mind that for the first time in 13 years I slept in a room I’ve only passed through (its was a junk room of the worst kind) lit the biggest fire and lay in bed with the kids while it crackled and roared away. Heavenly none of us want to leave this room, infact I’ve set up a desk in the corner by the window and here I sit and work, in my pyjama’s coffee in hand, happy as Larry. There are no curtains or blinds yet, getting undressed and dressed involves a lot of ducking and diving but being the impatient soul I am I couldn’t wait! I will post before and after pictures shortly just waiting for a chandelier to arrive from South African, bedding from Paris which I have to zoom over and get, and some other bits and bobs. We’ve also now moved onto decorating the school, inky black walls, bookcase wallpaper, super size lamps and rugs, big zinc table and lots more. Cannot wait for the school to start although having said that there is still so much to do I worry that we don't get it done in time. I was looking at Ines de La Fressange's home recently for a tad of inspiration. Its one of those spaces that you don't know quite where to look there is so much to tantalise the eye and yet it doesn't feel crazy. The more layers you create the more interesting your space becomes simple as that. Lamps, rugs, personal mementoes, art, its a fabulous space and a great inspiration. It helps when decorating, I must say if you have some visual reference , or many visual references that inspire as it kind of focuses thoughts. It could be anything, a painting for a great colour palette, a tear sheet anything. For me its Ines's pad, I need as many layers as she has here in order  to bring my rooms alive.  

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