Styling stuff

If I were a proper or very professional interior designer today's post would be entitled 'how to arrange the perfect tablescape or shelf", but I'm not so instead were talking about stuff and how to style it! Easiest thing to do in the world (and the most fun) as our possessions  inject  instant personality into a space. First up - amass what you have all those  decorative items  like paintings, prints, sculptures, figurines, bookends, vases and so on. Ditch the rule book and all that mumbo jumbo about negative space between items and style in a relaxed manner. I should say that negative space is important but only if it isn't contrived - we don't want vase, space, cluster of objects, space, candle, space. I am making sense? Tiny objects tend to get lost so if you can't see them from the other side of the room then eliminate I would say. Flowers are always good as they pack a visual punch and you get to really play with height (always important), having everything on the same level is super dull. When it comes to arranging think balance not symmetry, you don't want to much matching going on nor do you want one end covered with objects and the other empty.  Balance the colour too, the safest bet and one I generally stick too when amassing lots or things is to restrict the colour palette to a few hues otherwise it can feel a little crazy. One more thing before today's lesson ends - try not (please please try not) to line things up on shelves or tables. Put things in front, layer it up as we want beautiful, eclectic not boring solider like lines. Oh and just one other little teeny tiny point  the more varieties in scale and texture you have the more energy you create.   This is a simple simple tablescape and yet totally effective , except you have to look at it as a whole. The painting above the mirror, the dark walls and the simple arrangement on the table. Its fab but simple. Below is a different story altogether, this space belongs to Marie-France Cohen, owner of one of the coolest stores in the world, Merci in Paris. Paintings prop up against bookshelves, books tumble out of everywhere, objects and lamps sit alongside more books. Its a mish mash but an effective one. OK I'm done, happy I've got those points off my chest now we can all go forward and enjoy Wednesday - have a good one x

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