Talking hallways

Things are cranking up big time on the DIY front with less than 2 weeks to go until the first Design Classes start its all hands to the pumps.  This weekend we actually started work on the schoolroom moving in the rugs, setting out the desk and so forth. I had a slight melt down or a big time wobble half way through when it all wasn't coming together but all it needed was a big jug of country blooms and everything started taking shape around that. Thought we should talk about hallways to kick start this week off. Always, repeat always the most neglected rooms in the house in my opinion and yet they set the tone and should be as beautiful as any other room. I guess because they are such transitional areas where we always rush through we don't really have time to think about them. To transform and add the wow factor is pretty easy you can afford to push boundaries and take risks so of course I am going to recommend you go dark or failing that wallpaper in some out there print, or add totally cool accessories that make visitors gasp.  Paint or wallpaper is probably the easiest thing you can do to take it from drab to fab. Some images to inspire below taken from Livingetc's site Have a great Monday.

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