Using your own creativity

The fab thing about adding vintage pieces to a scheme  (and I'm talking clothes and interiors here) is that you get to create a look that is completely unique and a one off. I'm often asked why I stock other designers, manufacturers work in my store and not just design everything myself and the answer to that is a simple one. It’s way to one-dimensional for me. Walking into say a B&B Italia store, a Jonathan Adler store, even an Ikea store as great as they may be sort of leaves me a bit cold because everything looks the same.  I am more of a magpie adding bits from all those places and more to my home  and coupling them with vintage pieces. Threadbare rugs, rusty old lamps, old paintings its like a melting pot in this house, none of it matches yet it kind of makes sense. Rustic sits alongside glam, old tribal Persian rugs are layered against Moroccan  and fun zeebra woolen rugs float on nearly every floor. It’s a hard look to nail and it involves quite a bit of trial and error but it tells a narrative. I like walking into homes that make me ponder and think. There is nothing worse in my book than being able to take it all in in one quick swoop. Lets say we are in a living room there is the sofa, a few chairs, coffee table, few lights and maybe a rug if we're really lucky. Not enough and not for me. I want to be mesmerised, tantalised and I want spirits to rise the moment anyone walks through the door. You can't do that if you don't have stuff its as simple as that. Check out Kate Foley's pad in Brooklyn - its a little boho yes but it feels lived in and loved. She has used a ton of creativity in seeking out one off pieces, layering rugs and generally creating a home that oozes a laid back care free kind of vibe. That's me done for the day - now I need coffee and its raining. Two points which I realise are not even worth relating - but rain is good it means no watering by hand of the gardens, and coffee it goes without saying is always good no matter what time of the day!    

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