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Sorry for the lack of post yesterday it was an early one in the store as a 10 foot old looking (but new) pharmacy unit arrived with a zillion little compartments to house all our accessories in,  so it was a big styling turn around kind of day in store. It was also a big styling turn around day at home , that went late into the evening. When we should be painting, wallpapering and getting a little stressed over looming deadlines I was heaving heavy tables up and down flights of stairs, plonking in rooms, hating, taking to other rooms getting more and more disillusioned. The house looks like a bomb has gone off it there is stuff everywhere. This morning just after 5am I  stepped over (and this was just on my way to get coffee in the kitchen) a moose, a chewed up bone of Mung's as well as bashing into a silver pig! Not normal this house- the silver pig got the worst of it ' why don't you just bugger off I  think I may have shouted at him"  Sorry pig it was early I was cranky (hadn't had coffee yet) and there is to much to do in this dam house before classes begin its kind of overwhelming. I think I want to live in a caravan that way there is only so much you can do and this perpetual 'this room needs more work, no but wait this room still isn't good enough' is driving everyone crazy! Down to business, we have had a little cancellation due to illness for next Friday's Design masterclass, 28th April which means there are now a few spaces available. So if you're interested in learning about breaking the rules, fancy a relaxed but informative day full to the brim with hints and tips for how to create the most fabulous home that all the glossies will be fighting to publish then either call or email the store:, +44 207 354 8181. There are only a few spaces left since our classes are intimate, so its on a first come first serve basis, oh and one more thing you will need to love dogs since Maud and Mungs will be hanging out with us too, I hope! I can't promise you the house will be finished but I can promise you I will be working dam hard over the next few days to get it looking the way I want it. Whether Maud, Mungs and G will be  living in this house with me after these next few days is another matter entirely as they are all sick beyond sick of me!

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