On the hunt

4.30 am and its another crazy one today. We're all off to an antiques market if I can get anyone out of bed, there are alot of moans and groans on all fronts I can tell you. First off to the store, pinching a chandelier from there and hanging it in my new school room (I know I know all products should remain in the store I here you cry), Graham louder than most, but bugger it. I need a chandelier, there is one in the store so what is the big deal! From there we are off to a antiques market as I am on the hunt (a little close to deadline I know) for some seriously cool art, lamps etc to go in the new school room. As we are so busy my plan seeing as we can't really spare the time is to run around the fair at top notch speed. I've given us a hour to get in, around and out, buy van loads (except we don't have a van) and head home happy campers all before 10am! Haven't mentioned this part of the plan to the troops fearing I might have mutiny on my hands so thought I should wait until we actually get to the fair! Happy days Below some seriously cool art, the kind of stuff I would love to find but won't Happy Tuesday x

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