Fabulous day yesterday at the antiques market found tons of stuff here's my list: 2 armchairs, 6 chairs for the school, 1 rug, 1 funny little painting, 3 sheepskins (could have brought 10) they were soo beautiful, 1 fireplace (brought it for £35 turned a corner 5 minutes later and there was an even better one for the same price so nabbed that instead). That little incident caused the biggest argument since Graham was droning on about how the one we just brought was perfectly fine, and I was banging on about the fact that this one actually caused my heart to skip a beat, and how was I to know we would see a better one. With the pressure of getting the school ready and needing a fireplace I just nabbed the first thing not expecting to see another. Maud and Mung's pitched in and said for God's sake buy the second fireplace, its raining, we're muddy and we don't want to stand in a field shouting! We got the second fireplace. So antiques markets are the way to go if you need interesting stuff. I love modern, but when you mix with vintage you create this kind of simmering tension that you just wouldn't get if you stuck to any one period, which is why I guess I have a problem with interiors that are all one thing, retro, Scandinavian, rustic. For me they don't tantalise, you don't get that visual  friction and the more friction you can create (we're talking interiors here, not relationships)! the better. That's me done, the bloody milk frother has packed up again (3 rd one in 2 months) someone in Dualit is not going to want to be speaking to me this morning, the shower has totally stopped working and whats more I have a dentist appointment in the city that I really don't have time for. The dentist and hygienist have exactly 30 minutes to do whatever they need to do. One side of the month, top or bottom their choice but I'm outta there in 30 have a school to get ready! This is what I'm talking about when I bang on about tension. A fancy pants super glam coffee table, coupled with some old shabby chairs, cool art, modern bookcase, stuff from all periods. Nothing matches but it all makes perfect sense, as I've said before its the hardest look to pull off but its the most amazing. Happy Wednesday (at least it would be if there were coffee)!

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