Design School Launches Today

5.21 am,  been up and about for a good few hours but breaking for a coffee and a quick little chat with you guys. Forgive yesterdays lack of post we didn't stop from dawn until dusk and although not everything is sorted its kind of there. Still have to whizz around with a hover, walk the kids, run to the store to nab a few things, pick up the cup cakes from Violets (best little cafe in the world in my humble opinion) and buy some bubbly but that as they say is it! I won't give too much away but today there is lots of fab things to discuss, from my top rule breakers that take a home to a whole other level, to cool furniture layouts, colour combos and lighting plans. We're touring the house (hence the running around with hover), yabbering on how to create the perfect room and Gem my sister is giving her top tips on flowers, arranging them, making something humble from a garage or super market look amazing and also alternate vessel ideas to house them. So exciting! My pad, a few more bits have been added since Todd Selby visited but it goes to show how a shelf from Ikea can look super cool when you accessorize with stuff you love. Have a lovely weekend

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