Thank you

The hugest thank you to all who attended my Design School which launched this weekend. Had an amazing time yabbering about interiors and hanging out with two groups of very inspirational women. Gem my sister did a great presentation on flowers (I learnt tons of new stuff). We discussed top rule breakers to take homes to a whole other level, instant updates as well as tips on how to create a totally cool room! Maud and Mung's behaved themselves (sort of) and everyone was very complementary about the house (considering it isn't quite finished) so thank you to all again. The best part of my job in a nutshell was this weekend. Talking. laughing and listening to groups of people as interested in interiors as I am was fantastic. On both days I was asked if there are other courses coming up so the answer is yes. Gem and I plan to lock heads, come up with a cool collection of classes and expand the days. Some images below of the class room on the top floor of my house, please excuse the fact that its not entirely finished (I pulled it together in a week) but we are so nearly there, and again thank you to everyone who attended. Cannot wait for the next one.

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