Flower Power

Morning, I should be on my way to Bikram yoga right now but I've missed the slot so contemplating going for a later class. Not particularly looking forward to it since I'm much more of a pound the treadmill at full speed kind of gal but regrettably my hip can no longer take that sort of exercise so this is my new plan. Tried Pilates didn't exactly do it for me but then I gave it no chance (one class) got bored, wanted to sweat and run and all that kind of stuff, but hoping Bikram with the heat might at least make me feel I'm working out even though I am stiff as a board and will probably get beyond frustrated at not being able to bend into any sort of position. Enough about my exercise regime or lack of it today I thought we would yabber a bit about flowers. As you all know I am the hugest fan, real, fake you name it of the transformative powers a bunch of blooms has,  its phenomenal. Gem (my sister) and a trained florist for over 15 years gives a fab presentation in the Design School on some cool tips for flowers. Like interiors its all about thinking outside of the box, so we are big fans of housing flowers in alternate vessels, t -light holders, beakers, bowls, kitcheny kind of things as well as standard vases. Top top top tip don't let the stems show, let the blooms just topple over the vessel a la below looks far more sophisticated that way, and keep the colour palette restricted. I tend to opt for bunches of one type of thing, although Gem has made me up two amazing bunches of mixed county esq faux blooms  and colours which I adore. One of them being this fabulous bunch which now presides on the mantle piece in the school This is one of them. How amazing do these faux flowers look , they have completely enlivened the mantle piece. Neither Gem or I are lovers of tropical flowers and are much more into big blousy blooms I guess English countryside  varieties. Growing up there were always bunches of flowers on the table from my parents garden, forget me nots in the spring, peonies and sweet peas later on so its kind of stuck with us and the flowers we buy very much reflect this.But listen its totally personal if you love the tropical stuff go for it just think a little outside the box when it comes to containers: Beautiful for bulbs this green container as is this ad hoc collection of bottles, wine, oil and  perfume for housing single blooms below. Happy Wednesday

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