Emotive interiors

New regime, no coffee the moment I get up instead orange juice and banana as I am off to another Bikram class in 20. Hated, hated it but I've decided I have to do at least 5 classes before pulling the plug. This morning I thought we could yabber about emotive interiors seeing how it’s a bank holiday weekend, and the weather is supposed to be bad its a good time to concentrate on the inside rather than the outside. I'm often asked how to create personality laden emotive interiors, and I should say this advice goes for any size room super grand or teeny tiny. To add personality to a room first and foremost you have to add stuff, you won't get that tug on the heartstrings if you keep things minimal. I mention it all the time in the classes but layering is key, plonking stuff in front of objects so each little vignette (shelf, table, mantle) is as three dimensional as possible is what you are after. Pictures on walls, rugs on floors, books, ornaments and art on shelves that sort of thing. Throw in some shots of colour, the odd quirky find, some sumptuous textiles, lots of lighting and of course flowers and by Jove you've nailed it. Below an apartment in NY on the Upper East Side illustrates quite beautifully what I am talking about. It's restrained for me so there isn't heaps of stuff going on but there is enough to tantalise the eye so it  darts around the room not quite knowing where to look. Happy long weekend, back on Tuesday if I get through Bikram that is!  

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