Ditching snobbery

I brought a geranium. Does this mean: a) middle aged has set in big time or b) I'm going with this one by the way, I'm ditching the snobbery attached to them and embracing them. I should point out that I've only brought white, haven't plonked them in a hanging basket and multi planted them with red ones - that is bordering on criminal, but that goes for any flower, red and white are a bad combo please pay attention Supermarkets and DIY stores! Instead in a big zinc pot I've planted mine right near the outdoor fireplace and I kind of like it. A very tough gardening weekend has just passed can hardly move, putting up a fence and planting 10 jasmine doesn't sound like a very big  job, except where we wanted to plant had a concrete slab underneath  that had to be sledge hammered out. The fence isn't exactly state of the art, some orange hideous cheap thing from Travis P that we had to walk home as the bloody Merc has broken down again. Dragging huge fencing panels home for the record is not my idea of fun and of course I couldn't wait for them to be delivered but that is neither here or there.  I thought the jasmine would cover the whole fence hence I wasn't so worried about the orange ness, but no of course it doesn't. Enough on my weekend, best forgotten about  although still felt with aching muscles and a throbbing forehead  I walked into a big lilac branch and have a huge scratch across my forehead. Nice! Even if you have the smallest outside space or no outside space at all utilise window sills, entry ways and plant the odd thing. As you probably know by now its all about creating as many layers as you can so stuff on window sills draws the eye outside, and elongates the room as it were. I'm a huge fan of anything scented, herbs, lavender, jasmine. Plants and flowers add life, movement and soul to a space. Below a few inspirational pics, Nigel Slater's garden of which I want to move into and a cool idea for a loo embracing the beauty of flowers. Beautiful, love its rambling. pots and plants everywhere it feels lived in and loved. Kath Kidstone's loo, bringing flowers indoors in a very cool way. Happy Tuesday - it would be except there is a little tension in the air.  Maud and I are not currently speaking, she dug up all the sweet peas which I didn't notice her doing trying to get to Basil (Baz is a mouse who leaves in the woodpile at least I  think he does ). Why she just can't let him be, let him go about his business, doing his chores is anybodies guess. Too dig up the whole sweet pea bed and very nearly ruin all of them is not acceptable behaviour, so until I get an apology tension remains. She is a little strong minded and hot headed to say the least apologies don't come easy to Miss Maud , still I'm waiting!  

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