A wedding in Sierra Leone

Our flowers have gone all over the world, I kid you not.  The British Embassy in the Vatican, wineries in California, A list Hollywood celebs, yachts in the Med and just recently to Sierra Leone for a wedding, Khadijat and Hammed's wedding no less. Yesterday was a long tough day until that is news of this amazing wedding popped up in my inbox and took my breath away. Due to the heat the couple wanted artificial flowers so all the men wore gelda in their button holes, the bridesmaids clutched big blousy bunches of hydrangea's and the beautiful bride a cluster of our roses. Amazing to think of our flowers all that way out there looking stunning at this beautiful wedding, more images of the wedding can be seen here.  I was so proud, to think that an idea a year or so ago to house a fake flower shop in store has taken off so amazingly its incredible. We've had such an amazing response from our customers and press alike. To be called the Chanel of Faux Flowers by Red Magazine is a huge highlight. My point in a very rambling way is this. If you have an idea and believe in it, ignore the people that laugh and tell you it will never work, follow your gut. As women I think we self-doubt more than men, I did, and I still do. Forever I am thinking things are never good enough, never quite right but time has taught me to follow my heart. It doesn't always work out and I fail often but if you have a dream and believe in that dream you can make it happen. It just takes time and patience (something I am very short of) and a belief in yourself, just you, no one else. I'm off to make coffee this is sounding like a self-help blog God knows what’s gotten into me today!      

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