Designing with attitude

Wow guys thank you yesterday for all your comments on classes. Retail and Finishing Touches are the leaders by far so they will certainly go onto the agenda along with dates. Give me a few weeks to write them up, figure out the presentation and formulate and shall post as soon as its done. Very excited plus the great thing about half day classes is , if you have the time you get to potter around my neighbourhood, there are some fab cafes and cool junk shops which I can tell you about. OK so if it doesn't stop raining then I'm up and moving. Cannot stand it any longer - Australia, America, France maybe. Somewhere warm where I can potter in the garden it’s spring after all. This evening I am being photographed in the garden no doubt looking windswept, wet and cold if this blasted weather front keeps up (we are supposedly in drought conditions), it’s driving me nuts! Anyways lets move on and talk about something fun like accessories. I have a saying you may not be an extravert but your accessories should be. By adding the odd random crazy thing, something kitsch something animal inspired maybe you are throwing your interior off balance. That is a good thing not a bad thing, rooms co-ordinated to within an inch of themselves are an instant no no in my opinion. You will find me backing out the door with any old excuse to get out - Maud needs her pills and I forgot them, gotta dash (she's not taking any), Mungs's blood sugar is so low gotta dash and give him some food NOW (not true), that sort of excuse. You don't get an instant surge of serotonin if you play it safe with everything. Be safe with furniture and lighting if you like but with accessories take risks. Not too many we don't want rooms to look crazy she says with a papier mache elephant and large plaster parrot sitting on her mantle piece. You get my drift right or am I droning on about the point too much?   I do that, people moan at me for not letting things drop. The other day I said to Graham 'do you remember how cool that hydrangea looked in our well before you killed it by over watering! That was over a year ago but you know its worth pointing out every now and again, poor hydrangea! Pictures below taken by the fabulous Mr Todd Selby: This is what I am talking about, perhaps its a little crazy but its fun and it makes you smile. It might not be your cup of tea, or even totally my cup of tea but the point is the people that live here love their space. You get that feeling the minute you lay your eyes on the images and that dear friends is what I am talking about.

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