Keeping it Personal

We brought trees. Not many, even though I need a forest at the end of the garden just 3. Big bay trees with bushy untidy heads (not unlike my hair) which stand super tall, grow to over 12 meters and hopefully along with the jasmine will now do the trick. I won’t bore you anymore on the garden front, needless to say never rely on someone’s else’s planting as beautiful as it may be, always for ever more everything this side of the fence! Lets talk design what’s great about it these days it that anything goes. I favor a silver pig hanging out on my landing, you might favor a painting. I plonk an acid yellow chair on a little rug on another landing outside my loo, you think I’m nuts and what’s the point – but hey each to our own. Colors, styles, art come into fashion and go again just as easily. Ignore all of that and follow your heart. It takes time to build up a collection of finds but if you follow your heart and not trends you can’t really go wrong. OK maybe sometimes you can, I have. Brought a 60’s coffee table not so long ago which I can’t make work no matter where I try to place it, and a flea market painting – again can’t make work no matter where I plonk it. If you don’t fail you don’t get better its as simple as that. Below an image I found from US Vogue, a totally personal apartment that may not be my exact cup of tea but it feels loved and that really is the whole point. Who cares who likes it, if you do you've nailed it. What I do love is how traditional hangs out with edgy in this apartment which sort of  throws it off balance. I yabber all the time about this in the school, if you can add an off note, an animal, something kitsch, some zany colour you will find you're knock your interior out of the park as Ms Rachel Zoe would say.  Its not easy but it is far cleverer  than having everything co-ordinated and balanced within an inch of itself. I should be at yoga in 100 degree heat instead I had 2 beers last night and couldn’t stand the thought of that combination of heat and booze so feeling very disappointed in myself . Instead I’m going to make coffee and plan all the things that need to get achieved in the next 12 hours! Oh and I’m certainly in NY end of June or beginning of July just trying to work out if I can swing a weekend of master classes into the schedule. Will keep you guys posted.  

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