Masterclasses coming to NYC

Lots to talk about this morning, first up I'm off to NYC in about a months time  and have decided to hold some  masterclass out there, as we are continually asked to hold them Stateside. As my schedule is beyond crazy it may only be for just one day, still juggling things around in the diary (so places are very limited) but I shall keep you guys posted. It will be on a first come first serve basis but I will tweet, fb and post here all at the same time to give everyone a chance. Oh and its going to be at the Ace Hotel (amazing coffee, cool interior, everything that I love). Very exciting indeed. Oh and big thank you for all the amazing feedback we got for last weekends masterclass, if I may here are a few quotes: "As much inspiration as 1000 Elle Deco’s all crammed into 1 day". "Didn’t get much sleep as all the things we discussed were going round my head". "Thank you for letting us enjoy your staggering beautiful home". Thank you, flattered, delighted and surprised if I am honest at such fabulous responses.  AND its a two way thing its not just me up there yabbering we all pitch in and put out ideas, sources, dilemmas,  so I get as much from it as everyone else does. Next up our latest product, the illustration table. I am a little obsessed with this I have to say. First up its super cool, arty, compact and totally rocking! I've plonked one in my bedroom see below.I wanted to actually put one in every room but that would delete stock way to much so for once I am being professional and leaving them in store!As a buyer I find tables one of the hardest things to purchase since so many of them are so boring, one of the reasons many of my tables are vintage old African drums. I want a table to be cool, then practical not just practical which goes for most things in this house if I am honest. Again I should be at yoga, again I bailed. Maud and Mung's were in top snuggling mood so we lay in bed in a sun beam baby talking! Nuts yep, who cares,  the sun is out today which makes everything alright.  After so much rain and miserable weather its a big tonic. . I'm half tempted to skip work and potter around the garden so much needs doing but I can't. I want to, so I might, after a little bit of work, but then I'll feel guilty as there is so much to do. Who knows I might sneek and potter and plonk the computer on a table near by. Dilemma's dilemma's. Happy Wednesday xx

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